Hartjes Meat Processing

Over 50 years of expertise in cut, spiced, brined and frozen meat for wholesale, food service industry and export.

Tasteful products

Hartjes is a Dutch meat processor and producer of a wide range of meat products for the Dutch, European and global markets.

There is a market demand for tasteful products. For products with guaranteed quality. Reliability of delivery and a competitive price are matter of course. Hartjes Meat Processing fulfils this through strong direction and optimum control of the production process. The long-term relationships with our customers are the proof of that.

Hartjes is known for its meat strips, but also offers a wide range of products made from fresh, Dutch meat. For more than 50 years, we have been supplying to reputable customers in the retail and wholesale trade and industry.

Innovative products & Tailor-made

We continuously work on developing new products, with a focus on products for specific markets. We do this in close collaboration with our partners.

We can meet client-specific requirements by producing tailor-made properties like seasoning, cutting size and weight and custom packaging. Are you interested to learn if we can supply your custom requirements? Contact us today!

Large production and storage capacity

Through contemporary innovative technologies and an expansive storage capacity (cooling, annealing and freezing) we are able to fulfil almost all of the wishes expressed by our customers – including large volumes.

Guaranteed quality

Strict checks and certifications guarantee that our meat products fulfill all public health and food safety requirements.

Socially Responsible Enterprise

Hartjes also plays an authoritative role with regard to SRE. This is expressed, among others, by being able to use the ‘Beter Leven’ (Better Life) Quality Mark (BLK), the quality mark for more animal-friendly products.

Cost-efficient business

Now more than ever, it is all about competitive pricing and cost efficiency. Through streamlined processes, we are able to adapt properly to the developments in the market. Of course, there are no concessions to quality.

Knowledge of procurement specifications and supply lines

Hartjes is familiar with the ‘ins and outs’ of procurement procedures and the demands of customers. A good knowledge of products, quality and logistics (storage and transport) result in Hartjes being a much sought-after supplier and partner.