Weekly Hartjes Meat Processing supplies 200 metric tons of finished product. These goods find their way to the consumer via several channels:
  • Snacks and prepared meat industry
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Export

Hartjes as a producer

To guarantee product quality Hartjes Meat Process has great focus on process optimalization. Hartjes stands for high deliverability and strong pricing. Hartjes is your designated partner for meat stripes and dices, semi-finished products or raw materials in fresh or frozen form for snack and prepared meat industries.

Hartjes as a co-maker

Hartjes also has great success in co-makership, making usa co-making partner of choice. We supply custom meat products to a wide range of production facilities. We also supply to buying associations, institutions and supermarkets.

Hartjes as an exporter

Hartjes produces frozen and brined products under the established brand name OrangeTop. These products are available worldwide under our OrangeTop label, your own bran or private label. More information can be found on our OrangeTop website