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Quality procurement

Hartjes Meat Processing produces exclusively with high quality, fresh meat procured from EG-approved slaughterhouses using certificed quality control. Prior to deliveries we receive extensive product specifications and recent bacteriological analyes and supplier declaration regarding no risk of fraud and assurance that all products and descriptions are accurate and meet certifications in order to guarantee no risk of mixing, diluting or replacing and any claims can be guaranteed.

Hartjes Meat Processing goes further

Hartjes Meat Processing has:

  • EG-approval under our plant number NL 116 EG;
  • Pre-SSOP and SSOP daily internal audits;
  • NVWA-approved Export Canalization System (EKS) with approval for approximately 350 country and product protocols;
  • Several NVWA-approved recognitions for third countries;
  • The Better Life Label (BLK-Beter Leven Keurmerk) as processor of pork, beef and chicken (1 to 3 stars);
  • een Beter Leven Keurmerk (BLK) goedkeuring als verwerker van varken, rund en kip (van 1 tot 3 sterren).

Quality Control

Hartjes Meat Processing has its own Quality Control team. This team not only manages the extensive quality system and related work floor activities, it is also responsible for internal reports, employee training, daily hygiene checks, monitoring product analyses and supporting product development and internal and external audits.


Hartjes Meat Processing closely collaborates with an external laboratory according to scope L509 approved by the RvA. Special arrangements have been made related to prompt analyses. We analyse samples for specific clients on a daily basis based on next-day results after production. In general Hartjes Meat Processing samples according to Vo. (EG) 2073/2005.

Food safety

Food safety is a very important aspect during the processing of meat. Hartjes Meat Processing has invested in training and supporting its employees, providing intrinsic motivation for high quality and hygienic production. Quality and food safety go hand in hand at Hartjes Meat Processing.


Hartjes Meat Processing works with automated processes. We keep working on replacing hand-written forms with digitally automated versions and invest in modern technology to be able to register pallet barcodes for optimal traceability.

Constant quality

By managing an expansive BRC quality system, using fresh raw materials and CE-approved and well-maintained machinery and well-trained employees, Hartjes Meat Processing guarantees a constant quality.